The River City Royals have been one of Austin's favorite mainstay bands for several years who in 2018 decided to burst out of their deeply comforting reggae past and dive head long into other genres of music as well.

By adding chameleon keyboardist Phil Redmond and jazz/fusion soul drummer Chris Williams, Lance Miller's soaring guitars and Darrin LeBlanc's solid bass get a huge boost of rock, soul and good old blues tinged funk that makes joining in the new Royals party just plain fun!

With a song list that covers hits from 70's Rock & Soul, reimagined 80's party favorites and yes, classic Marley and Buffet sprinkled with their own originals, the New River City Royals will be one of "the" talked about bands to resurface in the current live music renaissance Austin music lovers are enjoying.




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Phil Redmond - Keys, Lead Vocals

Lance Miller - Guitar, Vocals

Darrin LeBlanc - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Chris Williams  - Drums

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